Richard Polsky Art Authentication Expert Opinion
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Expert Opinion Request Form

I authorizeRichard Polsky Art Authentication Expert Opinion to examine my work of art for the purpose of determining whether it is genuine. I will be notified by email of the decision (with a hard copy to follow) along with an explanation on how it was rendered. In return for this service, I am enclosing a check for the appropriate amount made payable to Richard Polsky, which is non-refundable, or using Paypal for payment.

Disclaimer: A letter fromRichard Polsky Art Authentication Expert Opinion, stating your work of art is either genuine or not, represents an informed opinion. It is not a guarantee that your work of art can be sold, traded, or donated for tax purposes. By submitting your work of art to render a decision on whether it's authentic, you are consenting not to hold Richard Polsky liable for his opinion. Simply stated, you are agreeing not to sue Richard Polsky if you are unhappy with his decision or if his ruling is not accepted by others.

Third Party Disclaimer: Also, by sharing Richard Polsky’s opinion — which consists solely of an authentication letter — with anyone else, including a potential buyer of your work of art, they are advised that they are not entitled to rely on Richard Polsky’s opinion if his ruling is not accepted by others. Simply stated, if you pass your authenticated work of art on to someone else, they also cannot sue Richard Polsky.

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